Clam Bake Weenie Roast Comedy Show!

Get your Corn Dog on! mistakenly Clam Bake Weenie Roast is an edgy and irreverent look at relationships, politics and being stranded on a desert island. Bombs, bugs and Superheroes….

In our show-

Will Scuzz Twittly bring his banana hammock?

Can Game Of Thrones hottest couple keep their love alive?

And what about John Travolta? We don’t care. Fuck that guy. Experience the height of sexy summertime humor with sketch comedy that puts sand in places you never knew existed.

Bahçelievler Clam Bake Weenie Roast runs from July 24 to August 15

Friday and Saturday nights!

Myszków Two shows per night: 8 pm and 10 pm

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